Solidshield wrapper is the state-of-the-art technology for code obfuscation and anti-tampering against reverse engineering and mailicious programs modification.

Solidshield wrapper is the best side-kick to protect crucial routines of your programs which contain your know-how, added-value or your own licensing schemes.

You can specify which portions of code to protect defining the trade-off of between security and execution performances only where this is needed, having not to worry about unexpected performances drop in the rest of your software.
Our team of experts can assist you with its experience in engineering the optimal use to take full advantage of the strenght of Solidshield wrapper.

It is based on a fully Dynamic Virtual Machine (DVM) that allows protecting arbitrary portions of programs by replacing their original native code with a virtual representation enriched with security measures which can be executed only by its particular instance of DVM.
The execution result of a protected portion of a program is completely equivalent to the original one, except for the obfuscation and the security measures taken to guarantee the program integrity.

The processing unit of the DVM, the Virtual Arithmetic Logic Unit (VALU), is a complete virtual processor able to perform the basic instructions required by any processor and to emulate on top of them many other important instructions. Even the VALU itself is randomly generated for each protected portion of code. The security of protected code has no precedents thanks to the abstraction of this design.

command_lineAutomatic builds protection

Apply Solidshield to every build of your program via command-line protection

no_driversProfessional support

Solidshield team is glad to provide you years of experience to maximize your results


A comprehensive and direct documentation to learn all what you need.

defined_protectionDefined protection

Decide which parts of your program need protection.

no_source_code_modificationsNo source code modification

Implementation as easy as few clicks for unprecedented security

no_driversNo drivers

Nothing else to install other than your products.

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