Cloudshift is state-of-the-art code remotization technology that completes the Solidshield Digital Rights Management solution.

Cloudshift allows you to define functions of your compiled software that you desire to be executed on remote servers.
It takes care of everything else, automatically.

It comes with tools to profile your software in order to optimize data transfer and execution speed and to minimize server costs.

Anytime it is possible to sunset Cloudshift into Solidshield Activation: the missing code will be re-integrated client-side so the executable will no longer need Internet connection to execute remotized functions.

This allows to dynamically control servers costs after release-date, while being completely transparent to the end-user.

Sunsetting can be done all at once, function-per-function and even for single users individually, this unlocks new business-model and monetization schemes for applications and games, especially Free To Play, Freemium and Ad-powered ones.

All of this with no source code modification.
In addition, an optional API is provided so you can integrate Cloudshift inside the product design so to build a feature-rich online experience relying on it, still supporting offline experience if no Internet connection is available.

It inherits all the licensing and management features of Solidshield Activation.

Remote ExecutionRemote execution

Deport portions of your software on the Cloud and manage the rights for its execution

predict the costsPredict the costs

Calculate in advance production costs by simulating geographically-distributed load, recorded during actual software usage.

SunsetPull the plug anytime

You can sunset Cloudshift into Solidshield Activation anytime, shaping the costs and user experience over time.

defined_protectionDefined protection

Decide which parts of your program need protection.

no_source_code_modificationsNo source code modification

Implementation as easy as few clicks for unprecedented security

no_driversNo drivers

Nothing else to install other than your products.

command_lineAutomatic builds protection

Apply Solidshield to every build of your program via command-line protection

supportProfessional support

Solidshield team is glad to provide you years of experience to maximize your results


A comprehensive and direct documentation to learn all what you need.

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