Solidshield activation is the feature-rich user-friendly licensing module taking full advantage of software security features of Solidshield wrapper.

With the very same ease of use of Solidshield wrapper it allows you to put on top of your product the licensing scheme you desire, in just a few minutes.

The management of the licensing options is as easy as the activation client for the users. Every aspect of the licensing can be shaped on your product and can be overridden down by a single serial number.

The dialogs can be fully styled graphically to accomplish the look & feel which is most fitting your product.

Every string can be customized or localized in new languages.

The Graphical User Interface can be hidden so to drive product activation and revocation with easy command-line arguments: this way you can seamlessly integrate the activation process with the installer of your product or any download platform.

Solidshield multi-user management environment allows your team to cooperate on the project, each user with his/her privileges.
For example, you can delegate the customer support of one or all of your products to a third-party company taking care of end-user support.

Finally you can have a single package for distributing your software through any distribution channel such as your own portal, downloads platforms and online software distributors, gaining the following benefits:

  • Single set of executables: A single set of executables, no need to worry about multiple builds with different characteristics.
  • Ad-hoc activation process: Activation can be happen showing skinned dialogs or silently using the install scripts, just by providing command-line arguments to the same executables.
  • Centralized management: All the management of sales, serial numbers and support cases are done from a single tool.
  • Centralized reports: All your sales and activations reports in a single place, you can monitor how your distribution channels perform and gather strategical data.

customizable_guiCustomizable GUI

Design and package your own activation dialog, use your own skins and messages.

licensing_schemesFlexible licensing schemes

Define your own licensing rules perfectly shaped on the audience of your products.

proxy_supportActivate everywhere

Users can activate your products under proxies, complex network infrastructures or via manual activation on other devices.


release controlRelease control

Set a date when your product will unlock, decrypt and start being usable.

license revocationLicense revocation

Your users can be allowed to revoke their license from one of their machines and install it on another.

license-managerLicense manager

At any time your users can clearly see what is their license status and how many license credits they have left.


reportsDetailed reports

Keep an eye on your analytics and let them be e-mailed to your team regularly.

distributors_managementDistributors management

Keep track of all your distribution partners and collaborate with them to provide customer support.


Learn geographically enriched information about your end-users.


collaborative_workflowCollaborative workflow

Multi-user role-based management to keep your team and/or third-party all on the same page.

web-service_apiWeb-service API

Use our web-service to integrate the management of Solidshield inside your own software.

high_availabilityHigh Availability

You can fully rely on Solidshield redundant and high-available network infrastructure.


command_lineAutomatic builds protection

Apply Solidshield to every build of your program via command-line protection

no_driversProfessional support

Solidshield team is glad to provide you years of experience to maximize your results


A comprehensive and direct documentation to learn all what you need.


defined_protectionDefined protection

Decide which parts of your program need protection.

no_source_code_modificationsNo source code modification

Implementation as easy as few clicks for unprecedented security

no_driversNo drivers

Nothing else to install other than your products.

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