Software protection and licensing

Solidshield provides a fully programmable security stack offering:

  • state-of-the-art code virtualization and obfuscation against reverse engineering.
  • code remotization to deport code on remote servers for feature-rich online software.
  • strong anti-tampering to prevent code modifications.
  • feature-rich and user-friendly licensing module.
Solidshield stands out for its ease of implementation, requiring no source-code modification it brings the optimal performances being a great time saver.

  • Jump start in seconds: Integrating the protection just takes a few clicks.
  • Customize your own protection: You have the possibility to shape every aspect of the protection to achieve the result you set your mind to.
  • Optimal workflow: with years of feedbacks we shaped the best tools to minimize set-up times.
  • Developer tool: Automatize the protection process after each build of your software.
  • Multi-user environment: Every member in your team can collaborate to your projects, according to their role.
  • Professional support: The Solidshield development team is glad to assist you in planning your project, providing experience to maximize your results.


defined_protectionDefined protection

Decide which parts of your program need protection.

no_source_code_modificationsNo source code modification

Implementation as easy as few clicks for unprecedented security

no_driversNo drivers

Nothing else to install other than your products.


Our products

  • Solidshield Wrapper

    Solidshield wrapper is the state-of-the-art technology for obfuscation of code and anti-tamper against reverse engineering and mailicious programs modification.
    Solidshield wrapper is the best side-kick to protect crucial routines of your programs which contain your know-how, added-value or your own licensing schemes.

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  • Solidshield Activation

    Solidshield activation is the feature-rich user-friendly licensing module taking full advantage of software security features of Solidshield wrapper.
    Its simplicity and versatility allows you to define your own licensing rules perfectly shaped on the audience of your products, they way you want it, as easy as it sounds.

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  • Solidshield Try & Buy

    Create trial versions of your products and allows your end-user to try and easily buy them.

    The trial version can be limited by the amount of total program execution time, per-launch execution time or maximum amount of program launches.

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  • Cloudshift

    Cloudshift is the code remotization technology able to deport defined functions of your compiled software to be executed on remote servers.
    You can shape the experience if connection is not available and at anytime the servers can re-integrate the missing code into the application to restore its original state.

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