We are proud to actively participate in collaborative European industrial projects, thus contributing to development and innovation in our field

Sendate Tandem

SENDATE-TANDEM” addresses the challenge for a new network infrastructure with reference to high volatile data traffic of mobile linked objects. A dynamic switching and a reliable transport of huge amounts of data as well as a handover of sensible, time critical application data without any interruptions must be provided between data centers with security guarantees
Our participation: Elaborate a SECaaS for software security delivering software embedded security assurances against confidentiality and integrity attacks. Exemplify the security benefits in the context of an attack to a network security sensitive monitoring probe.

Inspire-5G plus

The Horizon 2020 project INSPIRE-5Gplus will advance security of 5G and Beyond networks. Grounded in an integrated network management system and relevant frameworks, INSPIRE-5Gplus is entirely devoted to improve security at various dimensions, i.e., overall vision, use cases, architecture, integration to network management, assets, and models. INSPIRE-5Gplus will address key security challenges through vertical applications ranging from autonomous and connected cars to Critical Industry 4.0.

Our participation: 
Lead the researches on trusted execution environment for their usage in the telecom sector, we have delivered a thorough analysis and categorization of recent side channel attacks on TEE and on the plausibility of the threat model in the telecom context. We have progress on SECaaS binary rewriting tool with an Intel SGX implementation, reaching a higher security level to establish on-demand software trust.


DESIRE6G will design and develop a novel zero-touch control, management, and orchestration platform, with native integration of AI, to support eXtreme URLLC application requirements over a performant, measurable and programable data plane.
Our participation: 
Elaborate Desire-6G’s Multi Agent System security based on agents software hardening and interfacing with a lightweight Distributed Ledger Technology, establishing a collective and distributed security ingesting agent runtime monitoring metrics.