Defense & Industry

Solidshield has now introduced a newly developed offer specifically targeted for defense industry for both PC and embedded solutions, where security needs to deal with limited resources and execution speed.

Solidshield provides a fully programmable security framework and enables security experts to build their own solution on top of it. It offers:

  • state-of-the-art code virtualization and obfuscation against reverse engineering
  • code remotization to deport code on local or remote servers or onto a trusted computing platform, thanks to Cloudshift technology
  • strong anti-tampering against code modifications
  • machine-binding to let the software run only on allowed devices
Solidshield protection tools provide all the means to measure and cap computational overhead in order to confer the highest security level under constrained execution speed and resources.

Its platform-abstract design allows it to support several Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, VxWorks and different architectures like Intel x86, x86-64, PowerPC and soon several other processor types.

  • Jump start in seconds: Integrating the protection just takes a few clicks.
  • Any detail under your control: Each setting of the protection layer can be customized to meet project requirements.
  • Fine-grained settings: Define protection as deep as the single assembly instruction.
  • Profile your programs: Run your software on your target machine using Solidshield tools and learn which instructions are executed most and which are the most costly to protect.
  • Fine-tune the protection: Use profile data to optimize the security VS performance trade-off.
  • Automatic protection: Integrate the protection in the build process of your software.
  • Professional support: The Solidshield team is glad to assist you in planning your project, providing experience to maximize your results.


defined_protectionDefined protection

Decide which parts of your program need protection.

constrained execution speedConstrained execution speed

Keep the performance of your code under your direct control.

Security frameworkCode security framework

Extensible foundation for building custom security measures on pure software or embedded projects.



The complete framework delivered for self-efficiency and security policies compliance.

CustomizationHigh-level customization

High-level plug-in system to customize the core of the technology.

Multiple Processor supportMultiple CPU support

Support to x86, x86-64, PowerPC and more to come. Its abstract design allows to support any processor type.


Windows supportWindows support

Protect Windows executables and Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL).

Linux supportLinux support

Protect Linux executables and Shared Objects (SO).

Wind River VxWorks supportVxWorks RTOS support

Protect VxWorks executables and Shared Objects (SO).


command_lineAutomatic builds protection

Protect every build of your program via command-line protection

no_driversProfessional support

Solidshield team is glad to provide you years of experience to maximize your results


A comprehensive and direct documentation to learn all what you need.