Established in 2003, Tages is a leading provider of technologies for secure packaging of games and software for distribution.

TAGES™ was developed as the joint effort of two large European companies and is covered by several international patents.

MPO was the largest independent stamper manufacturer and replicator in Europe, producing more than 600 million DVD and CD discs per year.

THALES, with its leading positions in defense and aerospace electronics, was previously part of the Thomson Group, one of the inventors of the optical disc with Philips and Sony.

Today TAGES SAS is an independent company specialized in binary code protection against code tampering, reverse-engineering and piracy.

To meet this goal, TAGES assembled an experienced staff which is focused on excellence in both the security technology itself and in all its associated services. The decision cycles are extremely swift to serve you better and maintain our advance.

Thanks to thousands of PC games successfully protected and 100+ companies served worldwide, Solidshield stands out for its advanced protection and versatile licensing solutions.

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